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MAS-SSF searches for ways to better serve our community.  There is currently a need for a well-functioning community organization, equipped with resources to help seniors in dealing with their aging issues, assist youth with the challenges of being raised in an Islamophobic society, serve as an institute for parents to find resources in raising their children and provide a safe haven for mental health concerns.

On behalf of the Social Services Foundation, we want you to be part of our dedicated fight as we tackle these issues. We have just started with new zeal and enthusiasm, and would love your assistance in helping us achieve these goals. We continue to have challenges with mental health, relationship and immigrant dilemmas, and your attention to these matters can make a vital difference.

Be part of the change and impact our community with your skill set and join Social Services Foundation as a member by filling out the membership form. We need members from all ethnicities and racial backgrounds that can bring peace to peoples’ hearts.

Become a member and help us recruit more members and volunteers so that we can build healthy minds and peaceful hearts!

Membership Process

Once a completed membership form is received, the committee will review the form and the recommendation will be sent to SSF BOD within 7 working days.

Recommendations will be on the agenda item for the next SSF BOD meeting for discussion and voting.

Once approved, Member will be required to attend an office orientation, board meeting, committee meeting, workshop, or other MAS-SSF events within two months.

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Membership is maintained through participation in workshops or becoming involved in a committee.

After one year of involvement, Associate member fills out a Full Membership application

BOD reviews the application, and a decision is emailed to the member by the Committee Membership Chair.


  • Be part of a dedicated team
  • Gain new skills
  • Strengthen your CV
  • Networking
  • and most importantly gain the pleasure of Allah SWT by donating your time to benefit your community

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