Muslim American Society – Social Services Foundation

Our Mission

Muslim American Society-Social Services Foundation is a non-profit that aims to aid families at large and the Muslim community in particular with their social services needs.

Our Vision

The Muslim American Society-Social Services Foundation strives to be at the forefront of the community’s social services needs and to support the community in attaining the overall well-being of individuals and families.

Meet Our Team

Our Board

Tamer Ahmed
Nassiba Cherif, MFT
Vice President
Maha Ead
Anjum Keval
Durriya Syed
Member at Large
Laurel Benhamida, Ph.D.
Member at Large

Our Achievements

With the awarded grant and the support and contributions of our community members, we were able to achieve a lot alhamdulillah!
What They’re Saying

MAS-SSF staff are unsung heroes, they work tirelessly to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing our community. MAS-SSF provides vital services that have helped so many families from falling apart.