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MAS-SSF has received a contract through CAYEN (California Youth Empowerment Network) to create a Muslim TAY Advocacy Program. TAY refers to transitional aged youth ages 15-25. This partnership is part of a statewide program partnered with 15 non-profits.

This program recruited 11 youth from the Muslim community who have been trained to speak to decision-makers regarding our youth’s needs. Our youth have identified the need for a wellness center to be available on campus within the San Juan School District.

These youth developed a town hall highlighting why this wellness center is needed and what resources should be available.

Watch our youth’s town hall for more detailed information on:

  • MAS-SSF’s Youth Programs
  • Personal Stories from our Youth
  • What Peer Support Means
  • Poetry and Quran Recitation by youth
  • Detailed information on the needs of our youth
  • A conversation with local leadership and adult allies